the halfway point (2007-05-16 - 11:10 p.m.)

And, I'm halfway through again. (Happy birthday, mom!) Unfortunately this time the answer to "What did I accomplish in the six months since my birthday?" is "Not a whole heck of a lot." Worked an increasingly boring job, went to a lot of Feasts, got in one quick trip to Vancouver. HOWEVER I did get a few things done, like finally buying my pretty little Mac and hey, now that I think about it getting off my butt and applying for school counts as an accomplishment, so there!

And with that, I must to bed. Had a great pottery class (I am experimenting with large textured pieces, most of which look like bits of trees) and now I have to go scrape the excess clay off my skin and get some rest... it's almost the long weekend and there is much to be done this week!

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