watershed (2008-04-06 - 10:56 a.m.)

Well, boys and girls, it's watershed week. (Or other similar metaphor, if you can think of a better one). The moment of decision. Etc etc. Here's where I find out what I will be doing for the next four years... and on which continent.

Option A: Full funding at the University of Guelph in Ontario, with someone I am quite keen to work with. He was a post-doc at Bangor and everyone adored him (have not heard a bad word about this man from anyone - apparently he's fun and lovely and inventive and a good researcher).

Option B: Stay in Bangor and do my PhD with my current supervisor, who is a well-established and excellent researcher, and also happens to be someone with whom I get on extremely well. She's taken great care of me this year and I don't really want to leave her lab.

Bangor haven't officially offered me any cash yet, though. My supervisor has told them they better stump up or they'll lose me (hee hee, it's amusing being seen as a valuable commodity for once) and they seem to be agreeing - but nothing in writing so far.

Trouble is I have to let Guelph know if I'm accepting their offer by April 15. Time is getting short... My deadline is Wednesday, after which point I'll have to say yes to Guelph. What a weird position to be in. But if Bangor do offer me proper funding, I will feel terrible having to explain this to the guy in Guelph, who I've been in contact with and who seemed quite keen to have me come work with him...

Anyway. On tenterhooks at the mo, so we shall see what happens...

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