end of trip (2008-03-31 - 6:58 p.m.)

Hello from London - last stop. Had a great time in Newquay, which is my kinda town (as in rather seedy and full of beaches). Not that I did anything more than go wading, but it was still nice.

We spent Friday in North Cornwall. After miles of riding sat across everyone's lap, as we attempted to squish six adults into a five-seat car, Lisa decided that riding in the boot was much more comfortable and sat there for the rest of the trip. We went to see churches in Camelford and St Gennys - my mom's mom's family came from there and some of them were buried at St Gennys. The churchyards were lovely. They're kept as a haven for the wildlife, so they're quite natural and filled with wildflowers and gently eroding gravestones. The church outside Camelford was particularly gorgeous. They had re-slated the inside using old gravestones, which made an excellent and interesting floor. My favorite read:

Ye on length of days presuming
Who the path of pleasure tread
See me, late in beauty blooming
Numbered now among the dead.

She was 34.

We did find some family gravestones in the other graveyard as well - the one near Crackington (!)

Also checked out Tintangel, said to be where King Arthur's castle used to be. My mom has informed me that since Arthur was from Cornwall and we're from Cornwall (well, partially), we're clearly related. So there you go.

After Newquay Lisa, Richard and Grandma had to leave, sadly. Dad, mom and I went to see a stately home at Lanhydrock. It was quite a good one, as the kitchens and servants quarters contrasted with the sumptuous family apartments. Then mom and dad stayed in Exeter for more visiting and I went to Oxford, where I got a very warm reception from my friend Jo and her family. We had a great night out, and now I'm in London, staying with my friend Jason, who has requested a blog shout-out. I think we're off to see some live music tonight...

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