cabin-bound for some cabin fever (2007-05-18 - 9:11 a.m.)

7.5 hours before I get out of here for three whole days! We are going to the cabin for the weekend and I can't wait - despite the fact that the weather forecast insists that it will rain the entire weekend (and mom said she even heard something about SNOW). I am trying to look on the bright side: rain on the skylights with a big ol' fire in the Cheerful stove and a cup of hot chocolate.... I could live with that. I love the cabin so much (even in the rain) that I'm pretty sure I will automatically have a good time. Besides, the company will be excellent (even if Steph does insist on playing board games the whole time).

so... yay for long weekends, even wet ones!

Went to see Joel Plaskett again on the weekend.... proof positive that half of Halifax now resides in Edmonton. The gig was sold-out and much like a very hot, sweaty, active sauna. Liam eventually nicked some ice from the beer-girl to try and cool us down, which helped a little. The crowd of Haligonians next to me were wearing Joel Plaskett t-shirts, singing along to every song and hopping up and down like mad people. It was very entertaining. Oh, and the band was good as well.

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