25.5 (2006-05-16 - 9:48 p.m.)

Happy Birthday to my esteemed mother, which makes it my 25.5th birthday. This is the checkpoint at which I think, "What have I done in the last six months?" The answer, this year, is "Quite a lot", so that is satisfactory.

So Mr. G. Lau has returned from his travels and is in Edmonton for the week. I met him for a quick pint after work today and he earned a permanent place in my affections by bringing me back NOT ONLY a British Fruit and Nut bar (one of the big ones!), but also a packet of Tunnocks Caramel Wafers. Now that's what I call a friend. And no, you can't have any, because let's just say they might not last too long.

So I convinced my roommate to pick out my stitches last night. He did, with the aid of some nail scissors and a large pair of tweezers, and then put some Polysporin on the wound. Woke up this morning with a swollen, red and itchy upper arm. I had a massive allergic reaction to something in the Polysporin. My mom says this is the same thing that happens if you give me penicillin (although in that case my entire body turned red and swelled up) so I think one of the antibiotics in the Polysporin must be along the same lines.

Okay, have to go pack. Stay tuned to hear which essentials I will inevitably leave behind!

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