Officiality (2007-05-10 - 11:23 a.m.)

So, um... I guess it's official. As in, I officially received my official letter of offer from the University of Wales and (officially?) sent the reply slip back today. The letter was dated April 11 and sternly informed me that I must "complete and return the reply slip below to the Postgraduate Admissions Office within 21 days of the date of offer of the admission letter". Unfortunately, I received the letter May 7 (27 days after the date of offer of the admission letter!) If it takes 27 days to get back to them, they won't hear from me till mid-summer.

But don't worry, I emailed them and they said it's all good. It's not a big school and they charge their international students an arm and a leg - I can't imagine they would be too eager to boot me before I even start.

Whew. Applying for school was stressful, and I didn't want to tell anyone in case I didn't get in. Then the Psych department at Bangor told me I got in but that I should expect an official letter with an application number. That was a month ago, and I was scared to believe it completely until I had the Official Letter.

So now I should probably start stressing about how the heck I will afford this. The amount of money they "estimate" I will need for the year is staggeringly huge. But I'm not really stressing about it, and probably for that very reason - it's such a totally ridiculous amount that it doesn't seem real, and therefore I can hardly worry about it, can I?

Anyway, I'm busy applying for scholarships (of which there don't appear to be many) and seeing what I can do about student loans. If it's really looking impossible to swing, I can defer registration for a year and try to scrape together some more cash.

That said - an intellectually challenging programme that will likely bring me into contact with a lot of interesting people, in gorgeous northern Wales between the mountains and the sea? - YES PLEASE!

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