Tunnocks (2005-10-26 - 4:19 p.m.)

I just tried a Tunnock’s Caramel Log Wafer on the advice of the chef at the Sylvan House cafeteria. He has one of those rough accents that usually means the person in question will refer to you as “pal”, although it comes out sounding more like “pow”. He said, “Have ye no' tried Caramel Logs?? Have a Caramel Log, pow. If you like caramel and you like coconut, you’ll love it, ken?” I quite liked the retro-looking packaging (which was probably just never changed) and the slogan, which reads, “Crunchie Biscuit, Munchie Caramel, Roasted Coconut.” And he was right – delicious. Rats, one more thing to pine for once I’m back home.

I get called a lot of things here, actually. (No, not like that.) You get called “pal” or “mate” whether you’re male or female up here by cab-driver sorts of people. Women usually go with “hen”. No idea what bit of England it is (Yorkshire, probably) but we get loads of English people calling in who refer to me as “love”. That threw me off a bit at first. It seemed at first to be a term of endearment from a perfect stranger, whereas most Canadians would not call you “love” unless they were actually married to you, and then only if they were sure there was no one else in the vicinity. Here it’s just an all-purpose way to refer to a woman. strange.

Two quizzes that are going around:
What animal are you?

You're a Lion!

Wherever your particular jungle might be, you are considered king or
queen. With a noble yet relaxed air, you are able to control those around you by
implied threat of force. There are those that would attempt to tame you, or even
call you yellow, but you know that you're far too bold for that. You've often been
seen hanging out on the steps of public libraries. Your favorite US state is

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

and What book are you?

You're Hamlet!

by William Shakespeare

Something is rotten in your state. You don't know whether you would
rather live or die. And you keep speaking (unwittingly) in iambic pentameter. Even with
these setbacks, you have no idea just how awful life can get. With your whole family in
turmoil and your love interest soaked, there isn't exactly room for hope in your world.
No wonder you talk to yourself all the time!

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Quite pleased with both results. Look out, world – there is a very depressed lion running around clutching a skull and spouting poetry!

In other news, I am very short of money till the end of the month so I am laying low. Not such a bad thing. Lins is staying with us for a bit between getting back from her travels and finding a flat. So nice to have another girl around to talk to (no offense Brandon!) Besides which she cooked us a huge meal of salmon, potatoes and veg on Monday night. I’m not usually much of a fish person but this was delicious, and I’m thinking about experimenting with her recipe.

Saw The Corpse Bride with Andrew (of course). Enjoyed it and briefly considered painting myself blue and finding an old charity-shop wedding dress for Hallowe’en, but will probably go with my original plan of cowgirl. The hat needs an outing.

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