pub quiz II (2005-10-20 - 5:11 p.m.)

The lights are out in the ladies loo! Besides the nice alliteration, this also means I get to go on an exciting journey down a floor every time I have to visit it. Sadly, I have a feeling that this may be the highlight of my day.

Lana is an Odd Duck. I like Lana’s blog. Also she updates a LOT, making me feel like a slacker. Although it could definitely be argued that I am more of a slacker for blogging when I could be doing something useful, like cleaning my room.

I am daydreaming about the days before the phone was invented. How lovely to be able to actually get something done without constant interruptions. Setting aside, of course, the fact that I would never have been allowed to do this sort of work in those days. I would have been either stuck at home or working as a scullery-maid. So I guess I will count my blessings despite the frustration.

Went with Brandon to the pub quiz at the Antiquary again last night. We came in a very respectable third, mostly due his mate Gary (who is a trivia master, AND British which helps a lot). I saved the day with questions about William Wordsworth and Gilbert & Sullivan, but disgraced myself by not knowing the location of the Plains of Abraham. Brandon was worse, however, as he had no clue there was even a battle there. Moral of the story: I should have listened more closely in Social Studies 10, but Brandon seems to have skipped it altogether! Who would have thought this stuff would ever come in handy… Mr Zuber would be appalled.

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