Friday! (2005-10-28 - 4:44 p.m.)

Almost the weekend, frabjous day! This week has gone fast, but only because work is so busy and evenings have been crazy as well, with Lins staying most of the week. She is the kind of person who has a tendency to suddenly decide to cook me meals (my favorite kind of houseguest!) meaning that there has been something going on every night. Last night Kelly dropped by as well and they made me a huge pasta meal.

Following the girls-and-food theme, I’m having almost every female I know in this city tonight over for pizza and gossip. (Plus some I don’t – a random friend of Jen’s who’s moved to the city and needs friends). (And Brandon, who says he may have to retreat to his room if estrogen levels get to be excessive). Tomorrow Andrew is dragging me to a couple of Hallowe’en parties, which should be entertaining. And I am making plans to go down to Norwich to visit my relatives Peter and Diane. So lots to look forward to, which makes a nice change.

We had the most gorgeous day ever yesterday – 21 C. Warmer than Cape Town. I took advantage by hanging my laundry out, but it does not seem to have helped because prior to that it was in my room for three days trying to dry. (It rained every single day). I got to work today to find out that my shirt has that sour didn’t-dry-fast-enough smell, which is really horrible and has made me paranoid all day. I have kept well away from other humans in case they are appalled by the smell of my shirt. Ew. Fingers crossed for a decent weekend, although it’s been odd weather lately, lots of sunshowers.

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