springpix (2006-05-01 - 8:06 p.m.)

It's springtime! That was fast, hey? I have been making an effort to appreciate being where I am, and this weather is making it a million times easier.

***I interrupt this post (which I left to go watch Hockey Night in Canada) to say: HOLY CRAP THE OILERS BEAT DETROIT!!!! Where did that come from? And to my erstwhile flatmate, I would like to say: so there, Brandon, HA!***

Anyway, back to Edmonton. I did miss that endless blue Alberta sky

There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run..." Remember being a kid and spending the summer running around down by the tracks? I do.

the legislature (our one nice old building)

and the view on the walk home.

However, as with anywhere I've lived, it's the more bizarre elements that appeal the most. How come I never noticed this? Better not be putting any of that art stuff there: this wall stays GREY.

In short: come visit me in Edmonton. You know you want to.

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