the blue and orange (2006-04-27 - 10:47 p.m.)

It's playoff fever here in the *ahem* "City of Champions". Despite the fact that the stupid Oilers just lost, DARNIT! So far I've seen: every third person on the LRT wearing an Oilers jersey and work trousers. The lead singer pause a concert to let us know the score of the game. People refusing to leave the venue of said concert because it was showing the game on its TVs and it would take them too long to get to another TV-endowed location. And several hundred Oilers flags/bumper stickers/painted faces, plus little kids on street corners waving homemade Oilers signs. Oh, and a few renegades in Flames shirts. Perish the thought.

Also, the guy who was running the financial management seminar I went to tonight attempted to shut 'er down early so he could go watch the game. We were having none of it, though, and made him show us the fine details of RRSPs until the bitter end.

So my new theory is that things that make you rich also make you skinny. Think about it:

walking or riding everywhere: rich and skinny.
not eating out or touching any type of fast food: rich and skinny.
treating meat like a condiment: rich and skinny.
buying food and ACTUALLY EATING IT BEFORE IT GOES BAD (yeah, that last I sometimes have trouble with): rich and (depending on the food) skinny.
spending Friday nights out walking the city, avoiding alcohol like the plague: rich and skinny.

Apparently there is at least one good reason why I am neither rich nor skinny.

To be honest, though, what I'm aiming for is more along the lines of "healthy and not completely broke", which requires a lot less discipline and is probably more fun. May actually trying that bicycle commuting thing, though, since Steve and I rediscovered my old piece-of-rubbish bike (I got that thing when I was 11!) sitting in his garage.

Oh, and I switched to a no-fees bank. Take that, CIBC! My reasoning is that by saving the $12 a month they were screwing me out of, I can buy at least three or four good bottles of scotch over the course of the year.

What do you mean that's not exactly the kind of financial management he was talking about?

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