flower of Scotland, go away (2006-01-11 - 2:26 p.m.)

I am getting pretty sick of trying to convince people I am worth hiring (even if over-educated/over-qualified/have been bumming around Europe for the past two years). Same old story as every other time I've jumped from city to city. Never gets any easier but at least I'm one heck of a lot more confident than when I left Edmonton the last time.

Went to Value Village today (who are hiring, so I will put in an app for the heck of it. Overqualified!) John found a pretty nice Gore-Tex jacket for $10.00. Unbelievable. I did not spend a cent, because I am clamping down hard on the old cash flow.

The new place seems okay. Room is huge - it's echoing at the moment since I have next to no stuff. Luckily the bed came with it or I'd be sleeping on the floor. (As it is I borrowed most of my bedding off Steph&Remkes). Flatmates (oops sorry) roommates seem pretty friendly, but I haven't lived with so many people since London and it's a bit overwhelming. And no one has explained to me how things work. Will just have to wait and see. They seem to blast extremely loud music right above my head, though. That could get old very very fast.

Other weird thing is that there's no shared house phone. And since I don't have a computer, there is no way to contact me. Great setup for that job hunt! I think I might skip the landline (since I'd be paying the entire cost myself) and just get a mobile. Suggestions of what company to go with welcome. I've got Steve on the case as he's my tech expert, so hopefully he has some good advice.

Steve just got back to me. His friend with the telecom company he set up for his phone-sex business (the friend's, not Steve's) is offering VOIP mobiles. Local and long distance are the same, which is cool. And oh-so-cutting edge. I have the greatest respect for Steve and his cutting-edge-ness, but I may be more of a tried-and-tested kinda girl. But will give him a call and see what the deal is.

I started reading my Ian Rankin book, which was a Christmas gift. And got all choked up. It's not that Inspector Rebus is so very touching, it's just that he keeps roaming all over Edinburgh and I get the mental map in my head (still stronger than my mental map of Edmonton at the moment, helpfully) and sometimes I WISH I was still in that city. Even though the book's totally about its seamier side and does not exactly build it up as a Scottish utopia.

But I was happy there.

Annoyingly, every time I start thinking these thoughts I get "Flower of Scotland" stuck in my head. Argh!

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