not much going on: read anyway! (2006-01-17 - 4:27 p.m.)

So! It's been a quick and uneventful week, hence the lack of updates. Also I don't have internet unless I hog John's computer (which I have been doing quite a lot of lately, but I have also been nursing him through his illness, so really I don't feel too guilty).

The only thing I really managed to accomplish was sorting out a phone. No landline at the house and nobody wanted to share the cost of one, so it was (nearly) as cheap just to get a mobile with a monthly plan. So I did. I've grown quite attached to my little lifeline to the world already. Email me for the number! And then call me, because chances are I'm bored!

What did I do this week? I applied for jobs. I watched bad tv. I didn't spend money. I played with John's computer. I went for a Friday Feast at Steph and Rem's.

Oh, and I went to watch John's nephew play soccer. I found myself thrust into a subculture I sort of forgot existed: the suburban soccer moms & dads. (The game was in Sherwood Park). They have a standard way of dressing and speaking, just as much so as goths or cowboys or scenesters or any other subculture you'd care to name. I felt as if I stuck out completely. Interesting. Also, John's wee nephew is a hilarious soccer player - smallest kid on the team, but also the fastest. You just see this little blur of legs and suddenly he's scored.

Saturday was not my day. Woke up out of a nightmare very relieved that it wasn't true, only to have the day go downhill from there. The grand finale was spending Saturday night watching strange 90's Gen-X movies and then picking up my coat to find the cat had peed all over it. And that pretty much summed up the weekend, actually.

Sunday was the day my UK work visa ran out. I was okay as long as I was running around meeting people for tea, but very depressed in the evening. Not that I would have gone back to work for two weeks in January anyway, but now I really officially cannot. Ever again.

And that's the end.

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