The Lease is Mine (2006-01-09 - 10:09 p.m.)

I have my grubby little paws on a lease! The guy from the first house I saw last week called me back. It's more than I would ideally pay, but the location cannot be beat. Eight minutes to campus by foot, same to the LRT, and friends five minutes away on either side. The landlord lives in the house. I can see many ways this could be a bad idea, but on the other hand the house will definitely stay clean.

And since I'm moving in part-way through the month, the first month's rent is reduced. I may actually squeak through January.

This is the point at which I say a very loud THANK YOU to Derek, Steve, Ashley, Steph, Remkes, and John for the free room (and board, in some cases). You're the best and I am forever grateful to you for putting up with me and housing and feeding me.

I solved the weekend's dilemma by going with Plan B: Find a Rubbish Job in the Meantime to Pay the Bills. Hopefully this will go a little faster.

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