smooth operator (2006-02-21 - 10:27 p.m.)

What I did this weekend:

Friday - Friday Feast, of course. Very impressed by Malcolm's Stilton souffle. It was a nice small Feast, which I ended by dragging home large bits of furniture.

Saturday - Worked at VV. Decided I really should go do something, as it was Saturday night. Set up plans with Steve. Watched movies with the roommates for a few hours and drowsed on the couch, and found I couldn't bring myself to leave. Called Steve to sheepishly cancel, only to find him on his way to bed (EVEN MORE PATHETIC HA!)

Sunday - Worked at VV. Ugh. Worst day ever - could NOT get the stupid customers to leave when the store closed. Seriously - we had to go and individually ask them to go home! Left work half an hour late, then rushed to Jude's for dinner with the Aunts. Very nice, as always. Note to self: spend more time with family.

Came home and did not feel like going to bed, so tagged along with roommate Case to The Fox (boring and unattractive pub downtown) and then Blues on Whyte. Rationale: all work and no play makes Anne a dull girl. Right?

I always wanted to check out Blues on Whyte but was always terrified. It has quite the reputation as a dive bar. But it turns out that Edinburgh has hardened me to dive bars and I can now take anything Edmonton can dish out. We walked in the door and about six people immediately started leering at me. But it was a sort of blanket leer, not really aimed at me - they just did that to anyone (female) who came through that door.

Case's friend was at a table with someone who was having a birthday party, so we hung out with them (and some random wild-haired bearded old guy that no one knew, who was also enjoying the free birthday drinks). The band was amazing! Real old-time swinging blues and country. Such good stuff.

Got home at 3 am.

Monday - Slept till 11. Frantically threw together a costume for the big VV half-price sale (yes indeed), for which we had to dress up. Met Steph and Lana for wonderful Cajun food at Da-de-Os. Ooh, I missed that place. Cheap po'boys on Monday and Tuesday!

Made Steph and Lana rush a bit (sorry girls) and got work ten minutes late. Worked at VV all through the crazy sale. Fell into bed.

So much for my Family Day. Oh well... maybe next year.

Started the new job today. Seems good so far (she said cautiously). My immediate team are nice. One of them is from Galway, which is pretty cool. It is very surreal, though, suddenly being thrust into the world of people who have real jobs. Jobs, kids, mortgages, and really nice shoes. Who go to the spa as a matter of course and never go within a 50-mile radius of VV. To be honest, I feel like an impostor. However, we will see how long I can fake respectability.

I am now an Operations Administrator. How odd.

Oh yes, forgot to add: started the new job today AND got called in to work at VV. (9.00-5.00 Job A; 6.00-9.30 Job B). Grrrr. So tired.

On the plus side, my supervisor took us out to lunch to EastBound today to welcome me. Sushi! So that was a happy thing.

ps. the odd thing is - VV refers to its team of cashiers as "Operations" as well. I think it's to make us feel more important as we clean up the stuff people feel the need to throw all over the floor. So I work in Operations on two counts, I guess.

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