workin' 9 to 5 (2006-02-24 - 6:22 p.m.)

So I seem to have inadvertently signed up for a job where one of the primary requirements is being able to read doctors' handwriting... oh dear. They are also not very good at figuring out what "PRINT name here" means.

My first week of work has been pretty good, but I feel as if I've been launched into the corporate world with blinding force. Okay, it's not really a corporation, but it is an office where everyone spends all their time in meetings, scheduling meetings or phoning each other about meetings. And you would not believe the acronyms. I have 15 on my list so far and counting - and those are just the ones in daily use. But! I was informed today that I will probably be getting business cards! Proof that I exist, I suppose.
My supervisor told me a story about someone who didn't even last a week here, though. Yikes. They're pretty zero-tolerance, so we will see how it goes. I don't think I really do anything intolerable... I hope...
I have to say, though, that potential problems aside (and there may be a few on the horizon) working in an office for seven hours is positively restful after what I've been doing. Bliss! I am now getting paid just over twice as much for sitting on my butt shuffling paper than I did for running my legs off helping ungrateful and grouchy customers. I get home from VV after an 8-hour shift exhausted, with stiff legs and a sore back. Office work seems positively cushy. I know I won't appreciate it so much once I get fat again from sitting on my butt all day (and once I'm actually expected to know something, so it will be more stressful) but hey, for the moment it's a holiday.
Also - they have an administrative assistant, and I am not she! Which is to say - I am not in charge of the filing or answering the phones (except mine). Know what that means? I do not hold the most entry-level position in the office! For once! How exciting.  

So yeah, all in all I am warming more and more to this working-and-saving-for-a-year idea.

I've been going a little crazy working two jobs, but it's still doable. I'm thinking a few more weeks max, though, before it's just not worth the effort.

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