everything and the kitchen sink (2006-02-17 - 9:38 a.m.)

Man, is it COLD out there! Or rather, it's the appropriate temperature for this time of year in this godforsaken town - and it's killing me. I had an interview yesterday (nothing exciting - another bit of pre-screening for the provincial government job-referral pool) and was dressed interview-appropriately but NOT weather-appropriately. As I discovered.

That said, the city sure looks nice when it's this cold. (Minus twenty and below). I love the sound of boots on frozen pavement and the way all the vapour trails hang in the air. And the city lights at night have halos around them.

Doesn't make it any easier to wait for the bus for half an hour at 10pm in the freezing wind, though. (Had a VV shift after the interview).

VV is hilarious. They have everything including the kitchen sink. Someone seems to have ripped theirs out and donated it, because it's sitting there in furniture/electrical. There is also a very snazzy and complete white tuxedo (size medium!) in Men's - it's so cool. Matching vest & cummerbund & shirt & bowtie and all the other bits and pieces. Wow. If I was a guy I'd have bought it already.

The VV store manager begged me not to quit yesterday. Man, is that a nice change. Being asked to please, please not quit is so much better than being refused a job. I feel vindicated. Much as I'd like to think it's my skills and general all-around greatness, it's more that a). they're desperate for people who actually work (and I can't help it: it's inborn) and b). the competition can't be that stiff for the title of "best new employee"!

However, he did offer me a position in management the week I started. (If I stick it out for a month, that is). The thing is, though - being the highest up at VV is still working at VV. No prestige and very little money.

I hope I can manage this double-job thing, though. I do quite enjoy working there, relatively speaking. And it's a cheap source of office clothes for the other job!

Working all three days this weekend (Sat, Sun, and Mon, which is technically a stat, not that I get paid extra because I haven't been employed there for more than 30 days. sigh). Then start new job on Tuesday. So yes, my life will be very very boring for the next little while. I am going to sound like Will: "I worked and then I went to work and worked some more and then work called me so I went off to go work." This is not fair. I was born on the Sabbath Day - all I should have to do is be bonnie and blithe, not all this working hard for a living!

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