I like November (2005-11-04 - 2:11 p.m.)

I went to check my email for the first time in a week (and a bit, I think) and had 34 new messages.


So if you have emailed me and I have not responded, itís because I got through about 10 of the 34 before I had to come back to work (I have taken to checking my email for free at the library at noon again). And yes, Chris, that means you as well. I think I may have to shell out the cash and go to an internet cafť soon because this is ridiculous. I have now concluded that despite discussing how we both wanted it SIX MONTHS AGO, Brandon and I will not be sorting out internet at the flat before I go.

So. Life is busy and good at the moment. I sent in the notice for the flat today and will give notice at the gym next time Iím in. Oddly, work requires less notice than either of those (two weeks). Itís starting to hit home a bit that I wonít be here in the new year.

At the moment, I feel like Iím on a merry-go-round (or round-about, if you prefer) that is going faster and faster while I cling on for dear life. Everythingís starting to blur a bit and I canít seem to catch up with myself. Itís exhilerating, though. The only trouble is, I know it will stop suddenly come December 11 and I will go flying off and hit the wall. Splat. And I will wash up back in Canada looking and feeling very much like I did indeed just fall off a round-about.

So yes, itís been a busy but fun week, with me attempting to spend every possible non-working or Ėsleeping second trying to see all the people I will miss. This weekend is looking pretty darn exciting as well. Jasonís band is playing a gig tonight so I will go check them out. They have been described as ďmediocreĒ by someone in the know (Jason) but I am curious and will probably have fun surrounded by music geeks. And then I will rush off to a party at Margaret and Ailbheís flat. Margaret used to work here - sheís the one who helped me get the job - so there may be some workmates there as well, which could beÖ interesting.

Tomorrow is a wedding (and errands, I am so far behind) and Sunday I am off to Pitlochry. And then next weekend down to Norwich. Sounds like my best option is an insanely early flight on Friday morningÖ 6 am, blargh. But itís that or get in at 11 pm Thursday night, which is maybe not the best idea either. This way I will have half of Friday, all of Saturday and half of Sunday which isnít bad. I swear Norwich is the most out-of-the-way place in England, though. Everything is routed through Cambridge. What do the railways have against Norwich anyway??!

Oh yes, and the best thing of all is Ė itís November! Got my first birthday package yesterday and had great fun starting to tear into the packages before the remaining ones were very firmly taken away and hidden by Brandon. Spoil-sport. He says heíll bring them back on my birthday, which is AGES away!

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