No more holidays, but at least the sun's out (2005-11-09 - 5:01 p.m.)

The sun is out! It is now a gorgeous autumn day – just a bit of a chill in the air but blue skies and sunshine. Sucks that I am stuck inside and that it will be dark before I emerge. However, did get outside for a wee bit at lunch and got some Vitamin D.

I’ve been taking short lunches to save up some time on flex. Via a rather convoluted process we worked out that if I leave Dec 16 I am effectively working half a month in December, meaning I get one day’s holiday for that month rather than two. (I love Britain – will be so sad to go back to Canada’s antiquated ideas about one day off every six months or something rather than two a month). Those of you who have been paying attention will realise that I’m actually flying to Vancouver on Dec 11 while agreeing to work until Dec 16. It’s because HR appears to round holiday accumulation up or down by the half-month, so if I leave Dec 9 I miss out a day’s holiday. Instead I decided to take all my left-over holidays in that last week, effectively adding a week onto my contract. Which unfortunately means no more holidays before I leave… Hence the extra flex and no time outside in the sun. It will all be worth it someday though. If I can save up the time I will leave a couple of hours early on my birthday next week (since I can’t take it off outright). It’s amazing how easy it is to build up time if you do 15 extra minutes here and there.

Despite the fact that this is a three-day week, it seems as long as ever. Probably just that old Wednesday feeling again. I’m having Brad and his sister over for dinner tonight. She researches whales in Antarctica – how cool is that?! I hope she has lots of good whale stories (although Brad says she mostly talks about her dog). She’s a vege and Brad was very whiny about having taken her to dinner with another friend and being fed lentils and chickpeas. Therefore, I’m not even going to try any fancy vegetarian dishes and will stick with the tried and tested macaroni & cheese It’s not exactly a company dish – more a feed-them-something-quick dish – but too bad, comfort food is called for and this one happens to not contain meat.

I printed off a calendar today and was alarmed to see how few days I have (although I can guarantee the weekdays will seem endless). One major concern is going to be training someone to do my not-difficult-but-complicated job. I have three full weeks left, which is not a heck of a lot of time to train someone. With this in mind I am writing a ridiculously step-by-step explanation of exactly what I do, so just in case I have no time for training whoever replaces me won’t be completely lost. Maybe. Oh lucky temp, who gets to sample the fruit of my knowledge! I really hope they’re planning on getting someone in soon, though, for everyone’s sake.

Here is a sample itinerary for Friday.
4.00 am – wrench myself out of bed
4.30 am – leave house
4.50 am – catch airporter bus (if in fact it goes to schedule)
5.15 am – check in
5.25-5.50 am – drink too much coffee
6.15 am (I hope – this IS Globespan) – fly to Stansted
7.40 am – arrive at Stansted
8.20 am – train to Cambridge.
8.48 – 9.12 am – Stomp around train station cursing rail network that does not go directly to Norwich
10.29 am – arrive in Norwich. Immediately go for nap.

Norfolk here I come!

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