Happy All Hallows Eve (2005-10-31 - 5:00 p.m.)

I am celebrating the true spirit of Hallowe’en by eating a whole pile of rubbish today.

Okay, maybe not the true spirit (All Souls’ Night and all that) but at least my conception of it as a child. Even when we weren’t allowed to celebrate Hallowe’en, we still spent the night stuffing ourselves with as much sugar as possible. Lucy has brought in cute little gravestone cupcakes and I’ve had two so far. AND toffee-apple flan at lunch. I’m sure I’ll eat properly in November. Or something.

It was quite a good weekend. We started it off in style with pizza and wine at my place, to which Lindsay’s new flatmate and Jen’s friend Heidi turned up. Heidi is very like Jen in some ways (I still miss Jen though). She left her socks on my floor. Anyway, good times and way too much pizza were had by all.

On Saturday I went out for coffee with Jason twice (the boy requires a lot of caffiene) and we also went to see Wallace and Gromit. Was very pleased when he suggested it because I’ve been attempting to get someone to go see that movie with me for weeks now. I had a great time watching out for all the little visual puns: very entertaining.

Saturday night was party night with Andrew. One was a house party, where we watched Bride of Frankenstein and admired the “haunted” loo complete with sound effects (as opposed to Andrew’s loo, which he claims is haunted all the time, not just Hallowe’en. He has named the ghost Gustav.) (I try not to spend too much time at Andrew’s as I really don’t want to meet Gustav. Andrew lives on the South Bridge right in the middle of the Old Town and I think every building there is probably haunted). The other was a birthday party in the basement of the Tron. I ended up with a few more costumes than I started out with (and no, no one was in them when I brought them home). Brandon has borrowed the Nightmare on Elm Street one for work today.

Yesterday was gorgeous, which is becoming a rarer and rarer occurance around here. I took the opportunity to hang my laundry out – no more festering clothes! – and also washed my sheets so they had that amazing line-dried smell. Mmmmm.

Hallowe’en always makes me think of Linda Zuber, who taught me in high school and had a habit of wearing an orange blouse with black trousers, giving rise to the nickname Pumpkin Lady. (Yes, I know, but we were in high school and therefore lived in a state of idiocy). I mention this only so that if she ever Googles herself this might come up and that would be a bit random and cool.

Apart from that, the clocks have changed and now the darkness encroaches insanely early. It’s winter…

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