greenhorns and colloidal silver (2006-07-19 - 10:32 p.m.)

I am listening to a cowboy song that I believe just used the phrase, "old New Mexico". I love the library. You never know what you will discover.

And now it's just told me that "every educated feller ain't a plumb greenhorn." Which is important advice to remember.

So it's been pointed out to me that I haven't posted much lately. Last week was not the greatest, and since getting sick I've been tired all the time. Tired all the time = very boring weblog. Go read about someone who's going somewhere interesting.

Today I went to the tax office. (This is how exciting my life has been). I spent hours filling in every little line with zeros, basically, as I was filling out a 2005 return for the twenty days of 2005 that I was a resident of Canada. Got to the office and waited in line for half an hour for three seconds of a guy with a Quebecois accent telling me I only had to fill in my address and one tiny little square telling them the date of my return.

But hey, it's done and I (think I) am done with the red tape for another year.

The new secretary at work heard that I get sick all the time and informed me I should try Colloidal Silver, which she told me would help my immune system (which, I have to admit, is pretty pathetic). She gave me a giant handout, which includes the information:

- Colloidal Silver can fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses!
- Even the AIDS virus!
- Because we all know viruses work exactly like bacteria!
- In fact, it can even cure AIDS!
- Besides which, it will keep your milk fresh in the fridge for 44 days!
- Also effective against the cancer virus! Did you know cancer is caused by a virus?
- It can also cure eye infections in kittens, diabetes, warts, and acne!

How does it work? It "catalytically suffocates the cell". "The mere presence of Colloidal Silver near any virus, fungus or bacteria, any one-celled disease-causing pathogen will immediately cripple it's {oooh, misuse of "its" annoys me!} oxygen-metabolizing-enzyme, or chemical lung".

I'm confused. Are we talking about cellular respiration? Bizarre.

Pseudo-science annoys me too.

Want to hear a testimonial? You have a lot of choice.

"Jill forgot to provide for her goldfish while on vacation. Upon her return she found them floating belly-up in some very stinky water. She changed the water and put the limp fish in the fresh water, instead of the toilet, to give them one last chance. They didn't improve. She thought of Colloidal Silver and added a few drops to the fish tank. Very soon, the fish were swimming merrily, and have been ever since."

Well! Sign me up!

Somehow I think I will not be trying this to boost my immune system (or using it as a "second immune system", as the literature claims!)

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