Vegan-Punk-Anarchist Kegger (2006-07-22 - 10:16 a.m.)

I am feeling quite a bit more like my usual self, though I'm napping as much as Steph these days (worrying!)

Last night I ended up at a vegan-punk-anarchist kegger. It was pretty fun. They were adorable, which I know sounds condescending - but I can't help it, they were. They're all tiny (being 20 and vegan) with dark shaggy hair all choppy and dreaded up, and they wear matching black skinny clothes with lots of silver studs and patches with slogans on them. Awwww.

I had a really good conversation with a girl from Labrador about her reasons for veganism, and a slice of also really good vegan carrot cake. She said she loves to cook, which seemed a little ironic... but she told me that after being vegan for a while, you know which brands you can safely use, so cooking and baking become much easier.

I also had fun playing with a very frisky Rottweiler puppy called Lebowski (or The Dude).

Was kind of weird talking to some of my former VV coworkers. One is working two jobs (roughly 50 - 55 hours per week total) and asked me what I'm making at my "new" (not so much anymore) job. I was embarrassed to say. How is it that I work so much less and make so much more? I don't get it. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Also this week: soccer with TWO GIRL SUBS - amazing, I know, not being exhausted by the end of the game - and after-work drinks with the aunts followed by more at the Art Bar. This is somebody's thesis project - he set up a bar in the Edmonton Art Gallery (sadly only open from 4-8 on Thursdays) where the drinkers are part of the installation art. Being a patroness of the arts, I feel it is my duty to go drink there every Thursday until the end of the summer.

Speaking of art: in case you were wondering, I don't quilt. I create Female Folk Art. So there.

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