Fringe Sunday, busted ankle (2005-08-15 - 5:03 p.m.)

So I went to the doctor on Friday about my ankle. She was very nice and said yes, it's weird that it hasn't healed more, but to just leave it a few more weeks and get an x-ray if it's still not sorted.

Then the next day I promptly ratched it again. (I managed to trip on an uneven bit of pavement and fall straight down onto one knee, DESPITE having Brad on one side and Brandon on the other. My knee is a lovely shade of purple).

So I've gone from sore but not as bad to swollen, bruised and as painful as the first time I twisted it. The doctor did prescribe a "Tubigrip", which I could not for the life of me remember the name of at the pharmacy ("a Tubiflex? A Flexigrip? No, hold on, a Tubigrip"). This is just a tubular elastic bandage and is making my life much happier, as it gives the ankle a lot of support and makes me less shaky.

The fall happened Saturday night while I was out with the gang for Shannon's birthday. Everyone else decided to take a cab from Lothian Road to the Walkabout, but noooooo, we had to decide to walk. (Too cheap for a cab, in my case, and too healthy, in Brandon's). After I hurt it I went to the Walkie anyway, but I couldn't stand it for very long. It was just throbbing, even when I was sitting with it up, and I couldn't put any weight on it. The bouncer-gorillas at the door almost didn't let me in because I couldn't walk unsupported. Anyway, after a bit I had to go and Brandon and Brad came with me. But could we find a cab ANYWHERE? No, of course we couldn't. Even phoning one was no good. I really couldn't walk unsupported so I leaned on the two of them. It took us nearly an hour to get 3/4 of the way home, which felt like a ridiculously long way at 2 am with a sprained ankle. Very, very unpleasant. We finally did manage to get a cab at the beginning of Stockbridge, thank heavens. Not a great end to the night, though. But thank you to my chivalrous friends for hauling me home!

Oh, Kiwis. Poor old Jane was just on the phone going, "I have your booking riferince, do you have a pin? A PIN! A PIN! To write with!" Very hard not to laugh. Speaking of Kiwis, I was also woken up this morning at 5 am by a text from Michael, who's in Sydney at the moment. I should have been annoyed but I was quite pleased to find out that I still had an hour of sleep. (And pleased to hear from Michael, of course).

We went to Fringe Sunday yesterday, which was brilliant. I see in the Scotsman that they are thinking of abolishing it, which would really be a shame. It's a free festival held in the Meadows, which is basically a giant pitch for everyone's Fringe shows. It's sort of a taster of a whole bunch of shows, on a whole bunch of different stages. It was SO COOL and I'm really glad I made the effort to haul my bruised, battered body all the way to the Meadows to attend. Some of the acts I saw included: Korean acrobats doing some kind of martial arts. A sort of bizarre Tom-Waits-esque circusy band with a girl who could pick up hula hoops with her foot while simultaneously keep ten going on her waist. A street performer juggling chainsaws and eating fire. A little bit of Tau, the Japanese drumming I saw the full show of last week (though the things they performed yesterday were different). A torch singer in a red dress singing about Amsterdam. A very bizarre outfit who do the soundtracks from spaghetti westerns, performed onstage... (clop-clop clop-clop, dum dum dum dummmmm rattle rattle "whoa! Looks like we have us a big ol' rattler here"). Nepalese children dancing. Bleached-blonde, heavily muscled twin acrobats throwing each other around the stage. And a couple more street performers I could SWEAR I saw in Edmonton at the street performers' festival there.

In all, a varied and extremely fun day. You didn't quite know what you were going to get next. I was really sore and couldn't walk much, but it was well worth going. It had been raining in the morning and was a little wet when we got there, but after a few hours you could sit quite comfortably on the grass and I was fine.

That night I got a call from Valerie to say she was running late and couldn't actually talk but would call me next week, same time (this is so typically Val that I had to laugh). And then, while icing and elevating my stupid ankle, I finally got to talk to Tim. Apparently all it takes to get a phone call out of him is to announce it to the world at large on a public webpage... Anyway, had a good old blether (as they say, or maybe they don't) and am very much looking forward to his visit.

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