work sucks but the sun is out (2005-08-19 - 4:31 p.m.)

If I never speak to another English person trying to book a campsite it will be too soon. Work is so crazy and every second idiot is trying to book for the bank holiday.

Wrote that yesterday, which was the worst day at work ever except maybe for the previous two weeks or so. They’ve all been about equally bad. The phones are going mad all the time and it’s been absolutely manic, and I am losing my patience. The worst part is that people just don’t listen. “Your website says you’re full, but I thought I’d call and check”.
“Yes, we’re full.”
“You’re full?”
“Not even room for a tent? There’s only three of us…”

At this point I usually start going, “AS I SAID, WE ARE FULL.” And then I curtly say goodbye, hang up the phone and growl.

However, it is Friday and I get two days of greatly reduced forced conversations with idiots. Tonight I am celebrating with Jen, as it is her last day at work. She had an even worse job, doing nothing but filing day in and day out. It would drive anyone mad. But she’s done! And we must celebrate! She’s leaving in less than a week, and I am trying not to think about it.

I have had a pretty busy week. I don’t know how I can do something every night and still feel like I never do anything. Cooked dinner for Brad on Monday, walked along the Water of Leith with Andrew on Tuesday, worked Wednesday night, and went out last night.

On Wednesday I was working with Jane from the day job, who has a friend who does catering. It was the opening night of the Edinburgh Film Festival and was just sort of a party. All we had to do was splodge out helpings of rice and Chicken Chasseur into little dishes, so it was really easy. It was such a funny crowd that night. Half of them were all dressed up in long ballgowns and the other half were wearing jeans or what they evidently thought were “arty” clothes. Some very bizarre combinations. Apparently there were some semi-famous people there, but they were British soap stars so I would have no idea anyway. It was worth doing for the free food, beer and decent music (they had a live band). I have told Jane to let her friend know I’ll work anytime.

Last night was really fun as well, which is great as I needed it. I hit the gym hard right after work, which immediately made me feel better. I know it might not be a good idea with my ankle, but I was getting very uptight and fidgety from lack of exercise. Then I met up with Brandon and a Canadian online friend for a pint (who turned out, unfortunately, to be one of those people who is always right). But Jen and her friend Kathleen turned up, and we ended up having a great night. Kathleen lived in Edinburgh for two years (she’s from PEI) and left the month I arrived, so I just missed meeting her the first time. She was great fun and amused us by chatting up all the cute spiky-haired guys wandering about the streets.

What else? My ankle is driving me crazy by aching all the time, but I can now put weight on it. I still haven’t managed to connect with my parents, but apparently my brother Sam concocted a grand scheme to bike from Rocky to Jasper. (Crazy kid). He and his friend Vince set off, but Vince blacked out and hit the ditch out by Nordegg. So poor Vince had to go home for EEGs and blood tests, and Sam was forced to camp with the family instead. I can’t believe those guys, though – spending five hours biking to Nordegg is baffling to my mind. So that’s the drama from the home front.

And the sun is out!!!

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