risotto (2005-08-11 - 3:32 p.m.)

Went out for dinner for Shannon's birthday yesterday. Yummy. I had risotto with wild mushrooms and MAN was it good. Now I'm wondering how hard it would be to make. I make a mean barley risotto with butternut squash (from a recipe in the Guardian) but I've never tried it with rice. The other thing I want to try making is Spanish-style tortillas - big pancakes of egg and potato. I may never get the motivation to try, though.

Anyway, went over to the girls' afterwards for very delicious cake (including an mouth-watering turtle one). Was nice to hang out, as so many people are leaving soon. Although I probably won't number among them! It's going to be so quiet here without all my Canadians. sigh... And I will miss Jen's outfits. Nothing brightens up a room quicker, quite literally!

Got a text from Andrew yesterday saying, "Just got sacked. Want to come celebrate?" (It was a horrible insurance job). We went to the Cave(s?) for a couple of pints. This is a venue that only appears during the Festival, apparently - got a bar and a couple of rooms for shows in this little room up a staircase down a cobbled close. Pretty interesting, although I felt under-eyelinered compared to Andrew (black velvet suit, black lace shirt, silver-handled cane) and his friend Rachel (long black-and-red dreads). Andrew is going to try for a job at the Edinburgh Dungeon, for which he is probably better-suited. (Pun!)

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow about my stupid ankle, which is still swollen and aching and won't stop making that weird cracking noise. I am expecting to be looked at sternly for wasting NHS time, and told that nothing's wrong and to go home and rest it. However, on the off chance it's something more serious I am going anyway.

This week is stretching on endlessly. And if anyone sees my bratty brother Tim, tell him to call me and tell me if he's going to come visit and if so when!

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