Freshers' Week (2007-09-28 - 10:52 a.m.)

Two steps forward, one step back. Still, that's a net forward movement, I suppose.

Have been partaking of the strange British tradition of "Freshers' Week". For genuine freshers, this seems to involve being pretty much constantly drunk or hungover. However, for me, as a Mature Student (to quote the SU handbook, "A Mature Student is any student over 21 year of age") it mostly has involved attempting to get Free Stuff and trying to sort out my classes. Classes which are not CALLED classes, they're called modules, and which are supposed to start on Monday. THREE DAYS. urghhhhhhh....

So first of all I'm depressed about no longer being an Immature Student. And second, despite admitting me to an MSc in Consumer Psychology, no one seems to know what exactly I should be taking.


1). There used to be an MSc in ECP (Experimental Consumer Psychology)

2). The course instructor found most students struggled with the science, got sick of it, and decided not to run it

3). Two of us (out of 7) got very upset and complained and were allowed to do an MSc anyway, just this once

4). It then came to light that despite agreeing to this, no one is sure which modules we can/should take. I have been shunted back and forth between Psych Admin, the guy who runs the Masters programme, and my supervisor all week. Wheeeee!

So where we stand right now is that they promised to call me before 10am to let me know what I will be doing. It's now 11.01. Shortly, I will go down to the Department and cause some more trouble.

However, I spoke to my (Canadian) supervisor yesterday and she says this kind of thing always happens around here, it doesn't matter too much which modules I take as most of what I learn will be through apprenticeship with her, and that she will make sure I learn everything I need to know and end up with a good degree so don't worry. This, at least, is reassuring. Besides which she has some super-cool projects on the go, one of which I will get for my very own!

Anyway, enough about bloody modules. (Man, I am sick of that word).

So yes, it is Freshers' Week. They had the SU fair yesterday and the day before, and I

- got an Athletic Union card from someone named Frodo
- joined the Mountain-Walking Club
- signed up to go mountain walking on Sunday
- got coerced into trying fencing on Wednesday
- signed up to try sailing next weekend
- found out how to get ahold of the student volunteering club
- joined the Research Students Forum Social Club
- and was earnestly exhorted to come join the Bangor Wargameing and Roleplaying Society (Cymdeithas Gemau Rhyfel a Chwarae Rol Bangor) by some guy in chainmail. "No really! You'll love it! Even if you don't like games, every weekend we go out on hills and hit each other with rubber swords!" Sorry dude, I'm an entirely different variety of nerd.

Also collected wads of free stuff and free food, which makes me very happy.

The Psychology department organized a night out last night for Freshers' Week as well. I went along with a group of other masters students I managed to give my mobile number to. Lord it felt good to go out. I am pretty tired of sitting at home by now.

(That said, I get the definite idea that after this I will be far busier than I ever desired. Be careful what you wish for, etc. etc...)

backwards ~ onwards

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