making the most of uni in Wales (2007-10-04 - 12:04 a.m.)

Well, I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath to find out if I got all my modules. Word at the moment is, so far so good. Basically I'm doing a sort of individual study course with my supervisor in Experimental Consumer Psychology to make up my extra module. Which I would still really rather call a course. All this was sorted out at the last minute on Friday (classes started Monday).

In other news, I attended the Research Student's Forum wine and cheese do, went on the International Students coach trip and attended the Welcome Event, climbed Mount Snowdon, went to karaoke at the Yellow Pub, checked out the student nightclub Time/Amser (English and Welsh, you understand), went to a social for the lab building at another pub and took a fencing lesson. Whew. Oh yes, and also classes have started, and if the first one is any indication I will be working extremely hard to stay afloat. But it won't be boring!

The coach trip was automatically good as Snowdon national park is gorgeous. Unfortunately I was next to a classic American, though, who felt the need to explain everything to me despite the fact she's been in Wales as long as me. (You can cross the street here. But be careful! The traffic comes from the other side!)

The Snowdon hike was quite grueling. My own fault, really, for deciding the "medium hard" group was the way to go. It was completely bizarre by Canadian standards. There was more than a beaten path, it was more like a superhighway. The path was inlaid with stone in most places and in fact much of the climb was up giant stone staircases. So civilized!

That was nothing, though, to the summit - which I hauled myself up after great exertion only to find that they run a railway up to the top and are currently building a cafe as well. GAH!

However, that's the tallest summit in England and Wales knocked off the list.

hmmm, there is much else but I must go to bed as I'm participating in another experiment tomorrow (pull faces for cash!) and then have class and meetings and a ceilidh. Better to burn out than fade away.... right??

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