what a girl should do is beg for tote bags online (2007-03-06 - 9:42 p.m.)

It is the first Tuesday of the month! Cheap-grocery Tuesday! And where was I all night? Why, getting groceries, of course. Because my brain has decided that the best way to do things is to stock up on groceries once a month so as to save 15% on the whole lot, and therefore staying home on the first Tuesday is not an option.

I blame my father. Life for him is a series of opportunities to work out the ideal way to do everything. You can't just DO something, you have to calculate the best possible way. This is generally prefaced by the phrase, "What a person should do is..."

I don't know if he even does that all that often anymore, but he must have during my formative years. Now the phrase is incorporated into my psyche and I find myself doing the exact same thing. I think about the problem for a few minutes and then mutter to myself, "What a person should do is..." And that's the way I do it from then on. If I don't watch it I will end up being a carbon copy of my dad at his most gruff (though hopefully minus the bristly bristly mustache).

In other news, I need tote bags - those cloth ones that one gets free from various organizations sometimes (except I never seem to). I tried to buy one at Value Village for $1.99 but someone nicked it from my cart before I made it to the check out. Please donate!

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