Vancouver! (2007-03-09 - 9:00 a.m.)

Ahhhh, Vancouver. I like this town, though I sort of forgot how it feels to constantly be rained upon. Luckily I brought my new and rain-resistant hat!

I also forgot how nice the moist air feels. My lungs and skin are loving this, after a long, long winter of having the moisture sapped from them.

The flight here was good. I remembered en route that I'd forgotten to pack 98% of the very important things (like, say, a toothbrush and contacts case) while bringing some very ridiculous things (that bronzer my boss made me buy). Apparently it was quite a haphazard method of packing. Perhaps I shouldn't try that one again.

Today's plan: shopping! Sophie and I are in complete agreement on this. Tomorrow I may venture up the coast to Sechelt. I love not being at work.

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