bleah, Monday (2007-03-05 - 2:40 p.m.)

I am about finished with today, I think.

Too bad today doesn't seem to be done with me yet.

Stupid Mondays.

Good weekend, though. Fun Friday, zoney Saturday (stayed up a wee bit too late the night before, perhaps) and a couple of entertaining hours at Suburbs. My escort was Erik, done up in head-to-toe vinyl. Wow. I want tall spiky scary stompy boots!

I have also decided that it is my duty to go out to Suburbs on Saturday nights with Erik looking as hot as possible. Reasoning: his friend's girlfriend was egregiously mean to him - we're talking a social cut that was totally unnecessary and also devastating. Mean! It has also been shown that girls tend to evaluate guys, in part, based on how many other girls rate them highly. So therefore, it is our duty (Lana, are you in?) to up Erik's perceived value by our mere presence, thus making his friend's mean girlfriend regret her actions (and hopefully herding some cute goth girls in his direction). And if that doesn't work maybe I'll just step on the mean girl with my (potential) tall spiky scary stompy boots.

Sunday was devoted to the girls. And fondue. The fondue was remarkably easy, actually, and I would definitely do that again. I was expecting something much more complicated and messy. And the girls were lovely as always. We must do that more often: there are times when one just needs one's girls to rally round.

Off to Vancouver at the end of this week. Man, that came up fast. We have no real plans so far, so this could be interesting. However, it will be somewhere other than here, which is good enough for me.

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