Cantaloupe Trouble (2007-01-15 - 10:51 p.m.)

Oh lord, I hate to say it but sometimes I miss British TV. It can be so very very trashy, in a wholly entertaining way. Check out Shauny's 2006 Telly List. (Particularly "Bus Pass Boob Jobs"). Also check out her blog, which is always well-written. We lived in Edinburgh at the same time and probably passed each other on the street, but she got to stay and I had to go, snivel whine whine etc. But yup, have to say that British trash TV is way more entertaining than what you get here.... not that I can say with certainty, since I have not had a TV for lo these many months.

Quote of the week is from Sophie. We were talking about our yoga instructor and then there was a slight pause. And then, apropos of nothing, she added, "I've been having a lot of trouble with cantaloupe lately."

Speaking of Sophie, that girl can dress. We went shopping yesterday (yes, to the Mall of Doom) and I have never spent so much money on clothes in so little time. And they all look great! Still can't pull off the layering thing she does so well, but maybe if I hang around long enough it will rub off.

In other news, Steph and Remkes have moved! Their new place is right beside work. Betcha I beat Malcolm to Feast from now on... I dragged myself out of my sickbed to go help them Saturday morning (and Steph wasn't feeling so hot either). However, they did manage to round up 15 (!) people to help them move, so it wasn't as strenuous as it might have been. Note to self: Start feeding people every week for a few months before the next time I move, to ensure their box-hauling compliance.

In still further news, I am officially hired on at work. For two months. The program may still be ending, but hey - at least it will end with me on board!

Also, pottery started tonight. I forgot how much fun hand-building is. I am tempted to try their sculpting class. In the meantime, if anyone wants a misshapen clay pig (your choice of glaze), speak now.

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