elegy for a Kitchenaire (2007-01-18 - 10:28 p.m.)

I hate it when I get emails from my mother that begin, "Just thought I should let you know...." It always means someone died.

This time it was Myrtle Murgatroyd. I was pretty shocked, because I think I was under the impression that she would live forever. (Apparently she agreed with me: mom said that at her 103rd birthday party last November, she announced that she felt fine and figured she could make it for a couple more years at least).

Myrtle was the liveliest person I knew. She just sort of refused to get old and decrepit. Yeah, she was 103, but she was the antithesis of the doddery old lady sitting sedately in a wheelchair while life goes on without her. Myrtle was always right in there. Apparently, in the end she suffered a stroke during a lively game of shuffleboard.

The things I remember most about Mrs. Murgatroyd were her awesome collection of hats and brooches (she was always very well put-together) and her performances with the Kitchenaires, which I recall being some kind of octogenarian band brandishing kitchen utensils. They could definitely be counted on for entertainment.

I always admired Myrtle and I wish I could end up like that. Stick it out till 103 and go out while having some fun with my friends. Sadly, I didn't get blessed with her combination of great genes and greater spirit... but I'm glad I got to meet her.

I think I'll skip work tomorrow and drive down for the funeral.

And wear a hat in Myrtle's honour.

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