in which I link to a lot of blogs (2006-09-14 - 10:41 p.m.)

It is raining like mad out there. I went to visit Rene (needed my German fix after a clothing-criticism-free week) and I thought Mabel was going to float away.

I don't mind the rain (though I wish that old lady on the bus hadn't broken my Jenners umbrella). I just wear my hat and the rain jacket Steph made me buy and my lovely lovely waterproof boots and I am good to go.

However, as always, it makes me miss Edinburgh. sighhhhhhh...

In other news, my family has started a blog! Okay, I have started my family a blog. They are generally nothing if not entertaining, so check it out!

I am going on a business trip this weekend. I have an early-morning Monday meeting in Calgary so work has agreed to fly me down for the whole weekend. Amy, who has moved to Calgary from Halifax, and I are going to paint the town red. Or something. Anyway, it should be fun and I am just excited that I got to tell the secretary when and where I wanted to go and it was all done for me. A girl could get used to this!

Speaking of my erstwhile road-trippin' companions, in case you were wondering Michael is now busy being a financial hot-shot in London, living somewhere called Inverness Mansion. And Shawnie Fever is on the road again, doing a roadtrip to Washington and B.C. I hear it ain't so easy without a stellar navigator such as myself!

And finally, here's a post I started last week and did not manage to actually upload:

It's September, which always feels like the beginning of the year for me. The change in the air generally makes me feel much more active and full of energy (which is just as well, because when full winter hits I hibernate.) Not so much this year, though. It's the first September in memory that I have been in Edmonton and not on campus, and I miss the rush and excitement of back-to-school.
This was brought firmly home to me last week when I was on campus to sign up for ballroom. The air had that back-to-school thing and there were all kinds of things going on, none of which I was part. Every other September I've been in this town I've been on campus in some capacity. Even when you work at the uni, everything changes in September. But now I am just a non-University-affiliated worker drone. Blah. I should go back to school.
Of course, a lot of this probably stems from my usual horror of missing the party - even if those involved (the students) would likely rather skip the back-to-school festivities if it meant they did not, in fact, have to go back to school.

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