home sweet home (2006-09-06 - 6:03 p.m.)

So guess who forgot to sort out internet at her new place until the last moment? Yep, that'd be the same person who still doesn't have a bed, yet who does have a large collection of unpacked boxes that comprise most of the decor.

However! Friday should be Back in Communication with the World Day, and not a moment too soon. At the moment I am using the patented Lana Method of checking my email from the public library. sighhhhh...

The move went well (though it took an eternity) and I am very very pleased with my new living arrangements. Oh how I love having all this space to myself, and it's brilliant not having four boys-worth of dirty dishes all over the kitchen. And of course I get to run around in my underwear if I feel like it (note to self: sort out curtains very soon.) I keep having a weird knee-jerk reaction everytime I hear someone out in the hall, though. "Crap, someone's coming in! I better get some clothes on and this stuff off the floor!" It takes me a minute to realize that in fact they can't come in unless I LET them in. Oh, the power and the solitude. At this rate I will wind up a crotchety old cat lady who does not allow other humans into her domain.

Went to visit The Germans at their new house yesterday as well. I realized that I will miss them (Rene in particular, as he was a ubiquitous feature on the couch at the old place) and have agreed to come over every Tuesday to watch House. No, I don't have a TV, though I hadn't really noticed for the most part.

Anyway, turned out they were having a BBQ. They have a couch and an enormous six-foot-tall widescreen TV, but they haven't yet managed to get useful things like, oh, plates and cutlery. So I had the amusing experience of watching them eat their steak and salad with chopsticks off a cutting board while perched on old cardboard boxes.

And I almost forgot the exciting news - I am off to Halifax in October via Via! That's right - taking the train across the country with my esteemed grandmother. Needless to say I can't wait. I love trains (cue Fred Eaglesmith) and of course backpacking with the over-70 set has stood me in good stead thus far. It will be awesome.

Anyway, must go home and assemble an Ikea desk. Home, where my thought's escaping, home where my music's playing, home where I have the WHOLE PLACE TO MYSELF. Bliss!

ps. did I mention there are hardwood floors?!

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