the waxing of the brows (2006-09-21 - 10:37 p.m.)

What is with me these days?! I even have internet, and yet I do not feel much like posting. Strange. Is this how most normal people, who do not plaster their lives all over the internet, feel?

My fridge, as it turns out, is barely cold. My milk goes bad in two to three days, which is very annoying. Every third day: lumpy milk! No cereal! Bah.

Went to Calgary on the weekend for a business trip. (No, I'm not tired of saying that yet). Work paid, but I was trying to keep expenses down by taking the airport shuttle rather than a cab. Was at the stop by 5.30 for a 7.30 flight. 5.45... still waiting. 5.53... watched the entire Scottish Women's Rugby Team wander by. 6.00... started calling the airport shuttle company to find out if I was at the right hotel. 6.03... still on hold with the shuttle company as the bus pulls up.

6.10... still downtown, hanging on for dear life as the driver dodges through alleys and cuts people off. Michael calls from London. Difficult to have much of a conversation. 6.15... ask driver how long till we are at the airport. "Oh, 45 minutes. Yes, at least 45 minutes. We can't be there in under 45 minutes." Check watch and freak out. Leap out of bus, flag down cab, ask if he can get me to the airport in less than half an hour. No problem, he says.

6.45... check in. Breathe sigh of relief. Find out flight is delayed anyway.

But hey, I found out today I can expense the cab ride. Woohoo!

Spent the weekend in Calgary hangin' with Amy and her roommates. True to her super-outgoing personality, Amy has settled right in and is already friends with half the city. We went out Friday night, Saturday night AND Sunday night and a good time was had by all.

Amy's roommate has a dog called Lola. More of a puppy, really. Lola is quite large and very hyper. I rather liked Lola (but not the furry-clothing effect that she left in her wake).

On Sunday, for a treat, Amy (who is an incredible hostess) made a big, fancy Sunday dinner - roast, mashed potatoes, roasted tomatoes... the works. She worked on it all day - it was in the oven for hours and it smelled great. I was at the store when she took it out of the oven, sliced it, covered it and turned her back for one second...

Yep, no roast for us that night. On the other hand, we had one very full and happy puppy. We headed out to drown our sorrows after dinner. The first song that came up on the CD was "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets". Amy stabbed the CD player's track-skip button so hard I thought she was going to break her finger.

In other news, my supervisor came up to us a couple of weeks ago and told us that every year she gets something to "appreciate" her team. Last year was a book of coupons. This year... hair and makeup lessons.

I admit that none of us (except perhaps my supervisor) are fashion plates. Clearly, this was noticed. However, I am definitely not opposed to getting all girled up on occasion, so I was happy enough to go along with it.

Then yesterday, it got even better. I was just leaving when she came up to me and peered at my face. "Do you wax your eyebrows?"

"Uh... no. Had it done once in London by a very snobby woman who informed me, 'I can see we have a lot of work to do with THESE,' and I've never been back."

"Hmmm. Well, you should wax them before our makeup lessons. In fact, you all should. "

Next thing I knew, she has actually MADE US ALL APPOINTMENTS at her salon to get our eyebrows waxed the day before the lessons. She's not actually paying for this procedure, but the eyebrow-waxing is not optional. The secretary tried briefly to start an eyebrow mutiny, but this was quickly quelled.

Sigh. Look for me in late October. I'll be the one with straightened hair and a surprised expression.

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