geekery in the heat (2006-07-25 - 4:17 p.m.)

It must be difficult being a goth in a heat wave. I saw one today who looked distinctly uncomfortable, and another (who jumped out in front of me in the middle of a block while I was trying to ride to work) who was doing an interesting sort of summery goth-lite thing. Fishnets, short black dress, black hair pulled back. But most of them seem to be sticking with the black-velvet-and-long-cloaks thing. And I can't imagine they would really want to get a tan.

Although now that I think about it, the SPF 45 I smear all over my face doesn't often get rubbed in all the way, giving me an interesting chalky look myself.

I would also like to point out for the record that I am not wearing black today, myself. I'm wearing a sort of goldy-brown summery hippie dress that I assumed I did not still fit into, as I bought it early in my unversity days. But I do! And every single person at work has said something about it. Maybe there's a tiny little chance I should branch out more, colour-wise... nah.

So did I mention it's insanely hot? Okay, not so hot that anyone has died (yet), but I am tempted. Yesterday the power died downtown and in the university area, making my bike ride back home very fun indeed. All traffic lights were out and there were brief moments of panic before everyone reverted to considering them all to be four-way stops. However, this led to a lot of very warm and grouchy motorists, not to mention sticky bicyclists. Yuck.

Had dinner with my favorite nerds, Rob and Claire, last night. Fashion advice from Rob: "If you feel that shirt is too big, it's easy to fix - with binder clips!" Not only did I get a pile of free food (both the dinner variety and the "we're-moving-to-Vancouver-here-take-these-perogies" variety) but I got a load of links. Really geeky links. Excellent! Was also nice to have a more in-depth conversation with Claire... too bad about the whole moving-to-Vancouver thing. Why is everyone drifting west like this?!

Update: Oh look, it's a giant thunderstorm! Now it's raining like mad! Oh wait, now it's sunny again!...

Update 2: Geeks on wheels! Binder clips: favorite geek fashion accessory.

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