do I look like a math grad student?? (2006-09-26 - 10:36 p.m.)

So I wasn't going to go out Friday night. I was going to come home and go to bed early in preparation for a full day of cleaning and errands on Saturday.

But.... Danny Michel was playing at the PowerPlant.

So guess who is the newest member of GAME, the association for Graduates at Alberta Mathematics Etc? I am, as you may have noticed, not a math grad student. But after the third pitcher, joining the organization seemed like a grand idea. I figure if they punctuate correctly, it could be Graduate Students in Math. Etc. And then I would fit very nicely into the Etc. category. Regardless, I better either get a membership card or my $5 back!

We wouldn't have had so much beer, but Malcolm was keen to demonstrate his Grand Unified Theory of Beer-Pouring. You simply pour the beer at an angle such that you increase the helicity, rather than just the vorticity. Or something. To tell you the truth, I may not have been entirely concentrating by that point.

Anyway, the show was great, the homecoming was late, and I was up with the lark the next morning to meet Judith and Allison for brunch. A day of errands, baking and furniture delivery followed, in time for my house-warming tea party on Sunday.

The party was a great success, in my opinion at least. We started at 2 pm and the last guests departed at 10 pm. In the meantime we drank countless pots of tea amid only slightly dodgy conversation with my esteemed guests. The menu was as follows:

smoked salmon tea sandwiches
cucumber tea sandwiches
scones with strawberries, blueberries and cream
brownies (Steph's contribution)

I ate roughly my weight in whipped cream.

Did I mention that my fridge picked this weekend to stop working entirely? The buzzer to my apartment wasn't feeling agreeable either. So we posted a wee sign by the door asking people to shout at my window if they wanted in, complete with little arrow in case anyone was confused. Most effective was Shawnie Fever, who stood outside my window, calling out "I would like to gain entry to Number 204, please!" until someone opened the door.

At any rate, with the help of a quick ice run I managed to keep everyone from food poisoning and my milk supply did not go off, for once. I also managed to get rid of all the leftovers (thanks Ben! thanks Lana!)

And I now have a large supply of very nice tea, as well as many new teapots to pour it from, so come over if you would like a cup.

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