all work and no play makes Anne a very dull girl indeed (2006-06-03 - 9:55 p.m.)

I am not at work! How exciting!

Yeah, it's been kind of a long week. Stressful but interesting, which is fine by me (especially now that it's over). The amusing part is, the amount of overtime I put in last weekend and all the nights I stayed late was about equal to how many hours I was working when I had two jobs,,, without all the travel. Clearly, I'm getting soft. (But Will - I don't want to hear it!)

It wasn't actually the amount of time - it was coming back from vacation (early!) to be given a huge project and being uncertain as to exactly how it would turn out. The pressure was really on, especially as we also had an audit at work this week and had a totally separate big report due. But! I put in the time, wracked my brain, learned a whole heck of a lot in the nick of time, and got it done and looking half-decent. Whew.

So yeah, didn't get up to much else this week. Finally got to play a game with Math United, my intramural soccer team. Unfortunately it was in the blistering heat and we didn't have any subs. It was a pretty fun game but I left with a headache, and have been battling with heat exhaustion after-effects for the last few days.

So, as you may have noticed, the Oilers won the West. Last Saturday was the last game, which was a nail-biter. The Oilers were playing three men against six opponents at one point, so when they managed to hold on and win we knew the city would go crazy. So of course, Rene and I had to head for Whyte Ave to see what was shaking.

And I got pictures of all the craziness... which I will be posting shortly. Stay tuned.

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