Hockey Night on Whyte (2006-06-06 - 11:07 p.m.)

I am so sad about Roloson. Poor Roli the Goalie got his knee squashed in the first game against the Hurricanes, and it sounds like he's out of the playoffs. I won't say we're doomed, but... I really hope we're not doomed.

Rewind to winning-er times! Here's the pics from Whyte the night we sautÚd the Ducks... Some real creativity went into the celebrations before the hooligans arrived and started burning things (but of course I took a hooligan picture or two as well!)

Barbeque'd Duck: (back of someone's pickup - how Albertan).

Fun with car markers of some variety:

Oh Roloson, how we'll miss you.

Clever, I thought.

The spirit of the playoffs = high-five-ing strangers!

More fun with pickup trucks.

And, as promised, a genuine hooligan! Or at least some guy in covvies standing on a phonebooth and shouting. (Not the phonebooth that was burnt to the ground: that was down the block by the bonfire-in-a-shopping-cart and the guy hanging from a powerline by his hands).

And yes, I kept my clothes on, and no, I didn't smash anything. And eventually Rene and I got bored and went to find doughnuts. The end.

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