The Nerd in Winter (2006-11-25 - 1:40 p.m.)

My word, it is bloody cold out there.

Remind me again why I came back to Alberta?

Ironically, I have "Four Strong Winds" stuck in my head. "Think I'll go out to Alberta, weather's good there in the fall." Neglects to mention that winter starts on Oct 31 and then the weather is not so good at all for six months or so. To say the least.

That said, all this snow, though difficult to hike through, is very pretty. The wall behind me at work is entirely window, and an entire building-length view of falling snow is very picturesque. And I was walking down to the Kinsmen to yoga last week and the river was incredible - dark water drifting by with lacy ice floes scattered all across it that looked like white petals. (Or, to blatantly steal from Ezra Pound: "Ice on the river; Petals on a wet, black bough"). It was absolutely beautiful. Though too cold to stand around admiring it for long.

The river is frozen now, though. This week when we went to yoga it wasn't moving at all. Sophie and I are hilarious walking to yoga. We have about fifty layers on each, and we each take up four times as much room as usual. I suspect we look like small children in snowsuits. (I found a picture in Grandma F's stuff of Beth and I dressed up for Halloween when we were about six. We both were wearing snowsuits under our costumes and we were forced to hold our arms at a 60-degree angle because of the twenty layers of fabric that prevented them from lying flat). The fact that Sophie and I both have toques and hoods on and can't hear anything, and are walking in single file so the wind pulls away our words, does not stop us from attempting to have long conversations. Unfortunately, these conversations consist mostly of "Sorry? Pardon? He said what??? Sorry, I can't hear you!"

I have still been walking to work when I feel brave enough. To be honest I'd rather not drive on dodgy roads, and the exercise makes me feel much better. However since my IPod's broken (or at least won't charge) I have nothing to do but let my mind wander. And I was noticing that I have a different method of walking in snowy and icy conditions. You can't count on your boots landing on a spot that has enough friction to keep them in one spot so that you can propel yourself forward - you could just as easily have them skid along the surface of the ice so that you end up on your rear. So instead of my normal gait, I find I end up doing a sort of penguin-walk, where I keep my legs under me as much as possible so that my centre of gravity is directly above my legs. Given that I really hate walking slowly, this involves much shorter, quicker steps, with more of downward/backward thrust with the heel to really dig the heel of the boot into the ice to try and get some traction.

Then if I do start to skid, I'm more in balance because my legs aren't way out in front or behind my centre of gravity. And I find I tend to push my feet outwards, as if trying to slow myself wearing skates. I'm guessing this is an effort to generate some friction to slow myself, and maybe create a wider base for more stability.

Please tell me other people think about these things... Suddenly I feel even more nerdy than usual.

(Although perhaps no more nerdy than the cantilevered bra debate: see last entry's comments).

I took the bus yesterday and found I was sitting beside not only Moses, but Socrates and Noah, grandson of Methuselah. This guy insisted that he has known the girl beside me in a previous life. "Do you recognise me?"
"Oh. Well, we have a spiritual connection! Can you feel it?"

It was interesting, though, because he was interspersing these stories about the splendour of his previous lives with what appeared to be the truth of his current life (one brother in Alberta Hospital, the other hanged himself in Ontario, he lives on the South side...)

So then he started talking about how he often recognises people on buses, and even if he doesn't he can feel their spiritual needs and he wishes he could help everyone, especially these cute young girls who are so lost (ick, but anyway). The girl he is ranting at is being amazingly patient. He says, "I often feel so terrible that I can't help these poor young women..." and the girl intersperses, "Well, you should do some charity work then." There is a pause. Then Moses, in a slightly chagrined manner, says, "Well, um, you know... my arthritis..."

I thought it was pretty funny. I don't think that's a reaction he usually gets. "Well, here, go fix it then!"

Was going to go to Calgary for Amy's birthday, but I am worried about the roads. I hear Leduc is a skating rink and it's supposed to snow around Red Deer tonight. Perhaps I am being a wimp, but I think I'll stay. Happy Birthday to Amy, though!

And Happy Birthday to Brandon as well, while I'm doing the shout-outs. And Happy Saturday to everyone!

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