in which I am another year older (2006-11-20 - 10:57 p.m.)

Okay, okay, I will update. It's been a busy week.

For one thing, for once I had a birthday and a good hair day coincide! Felt I had to note this for posterity, as it will likely never happen again.

Took the afternoon off work to go shopping, as I had budgeted some cash for birthday frivolity. I know, I know - sad. But such is life with a cash-flow obsession. (A useful obsession in some ways, though, I have to admit).

Anyway, did not end up doing very much shopping at all, as I spent the whole time on the phone. Yay for birthday phone calls! So nice to catch up with everyone. Got an invitation to spend New Year's Eve in New York, and you can bet I am tempted. But I think I might save that particular trip for when I have a week or so to spend. Man, that would be cool, though. Lucky rat.

Got ditched by Steph and Remkes for the very good reason that Steph put an offer on a place. She did it unilaterally, because Rem managed to wander off somewhere with no phones and to simultaneously not check his email for hours on end. She eventually sent Malcolm to find him, with no success either. So she took matters into her own hands and mentioned it to him later. Anyway, all very exciting and my fingers are firmly crossed that this one works out. For one thing, the condo is right next to work!

Sophie and I went to yoga that night (yup, wild celebrations). She had called and had been told that our class commenced at 7.30. We got lost in the Kinsmen Centre and finally spotted the correct room at 7.35. We galloped down the hallway, threw open the door and burst through - and the lights immediately went out. We froze. Took us a minute (or me at least: Sophie is possibly quicker on the uptake) to realize that we'd managed to walk in on the end of the previous class - the relaxation bit. Which would explain why a roomful of people was lying on the floor.

So what could we do? We dropped to the floor and tried to blend in.

Well, it was a nice effort.

Anyway, eventually the CORRECT class did start, and once I stopped blushing it was a lot of fun. We got to do all the crazy balancy poses and I know it did something, because my abs hurt the next day. Whee!

Friday night was a large and wonderful Feast, encompassing lots of cornbread and pastry and mushrooms and cheese and all the things I like. Especially cornbread. Much enjoyed by all concerned (though a coworker I brought along looked a little surprised at the discussion of whether bras work on a cantilever principle).

Ended up at the Hotel MacDonald, which I've decided is my local. It's just up the hill, right? So when I nip down to the local for a quick pint it will in fact be nipping up to sip scotch with all the well-dressed people.

Also somehow ended up walking down Jasper Avenue with a "Happy Birthday" balloon tied to my hair. Hmmm.

the weekend proper, however, will have to wait. I must to bed. Did I mention that 500-thread-count sheets were my major birthday extravagance? I'm surprised I can convince myself out of it again.

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