A vist from the Hurtin' Albertan (2005-09-23 - 2:22 p.m.)

In case you were wondering, my brother got here just fine (despite nearly missing the plane because he went for a last pint at the airport bar) and actually managed to get his passport in time. I hadn’t heard from him by 4.00 Wednesday afternoon and didn’t want to stay at work any longer, so I figured I’d go to Waverley Station and just check in case he’d lost my number. Lo and behold, I got a phone call just as I stepped off the bus saying, “We’re standing at Waverley”. So that worked out perfectly.

We got Tim and his friends booked into the hostel and went for a cheap meal at the Last Drop. Had to introduce Tim to the joys (ha) of Tennants, and I think he fell in love. They were all quite taken with haggis, neeps and tatties as well. I suppose I can understand why everyone thinks haggis is so disgusting, but if you go by taste instead of thinking too hard about the contents you realise it’s actually really tasty.

After that we headed (surprise surprise) for another pub, this time in Stockbridge. Brandon was going to a pub quiz at the Antiquary (known as the Tic, I found out from Jane, who used to work there) so we joined him. Brandon had a whole pile of people for his team so Tim, his friends Jason and Robin and I made our own team. Called the Hurtin’ Albertans, of course. Rock on Corb Lund. We were pretty hurtin’ at first, but we got better as the game went on (and I aced the question about Elephant Polo). Unfortunately we sort of missed the bit where you were supposed to hand your answers in, so we weren’t officially registered. Brandon’s team came in third, though.

Last I saw of the boys that night, they were off down the street in seach of a cab with a bulging carrier bag of Tennants tall cans in each hand. From the photos I saw the next day, Edinburgh probably didn’t know what hit it.

It really didn’t work out very well having to work while Tim was here. I left early on Wednesday, but Thursday I had to work a full day. However, I did manage to get into town to get my glasses on Thursday – THANK HEAVENS as my eyes didn’t take too kindly to the six hours in a smoky pub the night before. All day Thursday I felt like tearing them out of their sockets. However, a day without contacts has done wonders and I now only have the occasional itchiness and redness.

Yesterday was more of the same – dinner at the Last Drop (complete with Sticky Toffee Pudding this time – makes life worth living) and then out to Finnegan’s Wake for live music. Again, I had to ditch early because of work. I guess I should have taken some days’ holidays, but didn’t really know what was going on in advance.

So Tim has seen the castle and most of the Old Town (and the inside of many, many pubs). He’s off to Stirling and points north tomorrow, which is sad as I was hoping to see more of him. He brought me a lot of presents (thank you all! Very very much!) and made me down more Tennants than I’ve had in the past year. All in all, a good visit.

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