my eyes are wrecked (2005-09-19 - 5:03 p.m.)

No run-ins with Linda lately, despite spending the whole weekend alone in the house with her. She’s gone back to ignoring me, and I have come to see the funny side of the whole thing. I won’t be able to help being upset if she yells at me again, but in the meantime I refuse to live in dread. I’m going out of my way not to annoy her and she’s just going to have to be satisfied with that.

That aside, it was a pretty good weekend. Didn’t look like it from the perspective of Friday night, but luckily it shaped itself up.

I had plans (very rough plans) to go hillwalking with Andrew on Saturday if the weather was all right. Of couse it then insisted on drizzling constantly on Saturday, so we hit the Museum of Scotland instead. They currently have an interesting exhibit about Nicholas and Alexandra, the last Tsar and his wife, who seem to fascinate Andrew. It was his second time through the exhibit and he was just as interested. They had a remarkable amount of things on display – besides the photos there were masquerade costumes, tons of photos and letters and some Faberge objects. Now I just have to go back and see the rest of the Museum. Save that one for a rainy day – not that you ever see any of THOSE in Edinburgh!

The other thing I managed to do was go sort out an appointment for new glasses. I picked out some frames (with Andrew’s help, although he reckons they’re “boring”) and made an appointment for an eye test Sunday. Turned up on Sunday for the test and the doctor was horrified. He said my red, itchy eyes and sensitivity to light are due to a massive infection all over my eyes. He said they’re covered with white bloods cells trying to fight the infection, and that furthurmore my blood vessels have started encroaching because I’m not getting enough oxygen. EW!! The blood vessel thing is from wearing contacts too much (Steph had the same thing) but I can’t really avoid it at the moment as I don’t have my glasses.

So that was an expensive and terrifying little appointment (now I can’t stop visualising the white blood cells moving over the surface of my eyeballs) but they’ve put a rush on my glasses and they should be in by Thursday.

Speaking of which, I took my contacts out at work today because they were driving me crazy with redness and itchiness. I don’t know what’s worse, having them in (wrecking my eyes) or holding my face six inches from the computer screen (wrecking my eyes). Good times!

Other things I did this weekend:

1). Watched a game of shinty on TV at Andrew’s. What a strange game. Large (and we are talking ENORMOUS) men, all of whom seem to be joiners or plumbers when they’re not playing, running about a huge field hitting each other with sticks. It looked a bit like ball-hockey except much more violent. These large men just kept whacking each other (and the ball, occasionally) with sticks. Penalties seem to be based on who is lying closest to the ball. And none of them wear any protective equipment, especially not the goaltenders! Not even gloves. Looks like great fun.

2).Went to the Jazz Bar with Andrew, who wore black velvet and eyeliner and brought his silver-handled cane. Was great fun and the band was pretty good and it was a really weird crowd to watch. The weirdest person in the crowd, of course, immediately came over and tried to buy me a drink. Some really odd guy with an impossibly thick accent, who seemed to be looking for a hip-hop party (in a jazz bar!) and was wearing a bad hat. (He kept saying, “Do you understand me?” and I kept saying, “No!”) Andrew was no help but eventually creepy guy went away. What use is going out on the town with someone who looks that scary if he will not even scare the creepy people away?

3). Met up with Keri for coffee. Thank heavens. I needed my Islander fix. She’s back till Christmas, which suits me fine.

4). Did laundry and other exciting things which I’m sure you do not want to hear about…

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