supermodels are dumb (2005-10-11 - 5:39 p.m.)

Dreich is the only way to describe today. (Scroll down on the link). Grey and misty and steady, steady pouring rain. It never varies its tempo and itís not looking to ever end.

However, (and I think this means Iíve been here too long), itís oddly comforting. At least itís a nice steady sort of rain, and itís making the autumn-coloured trees and the nice green (in October!) grass look pretty.

I will not be feeling this way once Iím outside getting my feet soaked, though. My expensive new boots have given me blisters and Iím waiting for them to subside before I try wearing them again.

But for the moment, itís kind of nice being inside watching the rain pour down.

There was an interview with Linda Evangelista (supermodel woman from back in the day) in todayís Metro. She was born in Canada and has done all Canadians a huge favour by recording the following interview:

Interviewer: What are the best things about being Canadian?

Linda: I donít know but Iím really proud to be Canadian Ė I really think Canadians are very nice people.

I: They have a reputation for being quite dull though, havenít they?

L: Weíre not dull! Weíre not dull at all! Weíve got major talent in Canada! Same-sex marriages are legal in Canada Ė thereís a lot of good stuff coming out of Canada. Iíd rather be Canadian than come from some other country. Iím very proud of it.

Gee, thanks, Linda. You are proud to be Canadian but canít think of why (except that weíre ďniceĒ, which doesnít make us sound dull at all). You think lots of ďgood stuffĒ comes from Canada but canít give an example of such good stuff. And if you are an example of Canadaís ďmajor talentĒ then I am worried indeed. Sheesh.

Good olí Linda has probably single-handedly convinced most Brits that not only are we terminally dull, we donít have much by way of brains either. AND I BEG TO DIFFER! We are not all supermodels.


I have been thinking about things I will miss about the UK and it makes me sad. However, Lucy from Ontario (who sits across from me at work) spontaneously started giving me a list of things she canít wait to get back to today. Her list:

1. Normal-sized refridgerators. Not having to squish food for three people into a bar fridge! Luxury.
2. Window screens.
3. Double glazing fitted as standard.

She definitely has a point (three, in fact) and I suppose keeping that in mind will make it easier to leave.

Meanwhile, back out into the rainÖ

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