brit-phrases (2005-10-14 - 4:28 p.m.)

I just realised I used the phrase, "fitted as standard", which is one of those Brit-phrases that I find so amusing and yet tend to sneak into my speech. They tend to be used a lot in advertising copy. This morning was the first frosty day of winter (well, autumn) and I also found myself thinking, "Look at all the Edinburghers in their woolly hats - it's not THAT cold" before having to mentally correct myself. TUQUES, they're wearing tuques. I never thought I would ever use the phrase “woolly hat”, even mentally, and I am not impressed.

Other strange Brit-phrases:
Spoilt for choice
That little bit more
Have a go
Only too happy

I think these phrases amuse me so much because they’re so darn peppy. They reek of that sort of jolly-hockey-sticks British stiff upper lip attitude and they make me laugh. “Only too happy to help, sir! We always do that little bit more.” But as I’m probably the only one, I’ll shut up now.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that I will never get a job in diplomatic relations. I think I drive my supervisor crazy with my habit of being, shall we say, extremely straightforward. I’ve never seen much point in beating around the bush (although I can be discreet if need be) but I don’t think my bluntness always goes over well.

That said she told me today I’m doing an excellent job. Too bad it’s not within her power to extend my visa… because the British government doesn’t care how good a job I do. They just want me out. Not that I’m bitter. (ha.) Just not ready to go home.

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