Herbert the Snail and I could use some work (2007-04-29 - 10:47 p.m.)

I figured out today why I don't like talk radio (music radio, however, is good by me!) It's because I can't control it. Listening to a program where someone is talking is exactly like getting cornered at the water cooler by the guy at work with a tendency to monologue, except that you can't hurry him along verbally or ask questions to make him get to the point. I am about the least patient person I know and I really, really hate it when people won't get to the point. But if said people are on the radio, you can't do anything about it. You can't fast-forward or ask them, "Yes, but in the end what happened?" You have to just sit there and wait until they get around to it. How is it that some people enjoy this?

I have somewhat of the same problem with TV, although having a visual seems to distract me enough that I don't get quite so fidgety. (Also, flipping through channels is fun!) Books and other print media, of course, are great. You can skim as fast as you want, or even skip bits. Much preferable.

Speaking of TV, my dad brought me one today. It doesn't work. And my living room looks funny with a tv in it. Does anyone know what you're supposed to do to make your tv pick up a picture in the absence of cable? I vaguely remember something about rabbit ears with pie plates on them from when I lived with Steph.

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