And now: a Poetry Moment (2007-04-23 - 9:06 p.m.)

This is copied from my prize possession, an autograph book that belonged to my great-great-aunt Flo when she was young enough to be into autograph books. My grandma gave it to me because I discovered it in her house and SHE didn't want it (!) I had it out this weekend for my brother to have a look. The inscription in the front is "Florrie, with love from Nellie, April 3rd 1900."

Anyway, this lovely poem is transcribed from the book:

Deeply Regretted

I took Belinda by surprise,
Twas just like this.
I entered by the open door
And tip-toeing across the floor
I stole (a deed I now deplore)
From her a kiss.

Before that much regretted act
She seemed to me,
With head and eyes both downward bent
Upon some needlework intent,
A charming picture to present,
Of industry.

I kissed her full upon the lips
Those cherry twins
Twas shocking luck you'll all agree
For as already mentioned she
Was sewing, and her mouth you see
Was full of pins.

Thanks, C.J. Crick! (or whatever your name was - you kind of scrawled your signature).

And that will be the cultural portion of this weblog for the year.

In other news, work sucks, social life is going great guns, and I am waiting on tenterhooks for the OFFICIAL official Letter of Offer from the University of Wales (I've received the one from the School of Psychology, though, so... sounds like I got into grad school!)

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