i wish i was the moon tonight (2006-07-06 - 10:10 p.m.)

The sky is low and heavy and hazy. Not the big friendly Alberta sky I'm used to. It's making me feel strange and jittery. My tea-with-Stephen plans got cancelled (Stephen is ill, poor Stephen) and now I'm in too strange a mood to find something else to do. I don't want to be outside but I'm too restless to be inside.

I hear there are major fires burning out at Nordegg. Rocky must be choking with smoke. I think maybe that's what's causing the weird skies here, which is unsettling.

The week after a long weekend is always difficult. I had almost gotten used to a giant dad-breakfast to start every day, for one thing. No blueberry pancakes here. Work is dismal and everyone is grouchy since no one can sleep due to the heat.

However, I did manage to learn to rollerblade (more or less) and go to a show and hang out with Shawnie Fever, so the week has not at all been a loss. I got the 'blades from the MEC gear swap for $20 and finally tried them out. Went pretty well, all things considered. I really hate that I'm not really in control of my own destiny with those strapped to my feet, though. Gravity was calling the shots all afternoon.

The gig was Neko Case, to which I got tickets totally by fluke when Malcolm happened to mention that there were only a few left and he had a friend going down to snag a couple before they sold out.

Neko Case is exquisite. She just shines in the spotlight. She has some sort of '40s-torch-singer mystique that goes perfectly with her music, and she has an enormous voice for someone so slender. We saw her afterwards in jeans and she looked older than I thought but infinitely more approachable.

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