Where the River Brought Us (2006-07-02 - 11:48 p.m.)

Happy (slightly belated) Canada Day! Bonne Fête du Canada!

So since I'm back in Rocky for the first time in years, we had to observe the ancient tradition of going out to the Historic Site on Canada Day. (That's right, it's THE Historic Site - there's only one. Sometimes I miss living in a slightly more ancient land). But never mind that - at least we have a site, and it's historic, and so we did what we used to do every year on Canada Day: walked down to look at the teepees, threw things in the river, poked around the site of the old fort and stuck our heads up the Chimneys, and listened to the recorded "fur trader"'s rendition of the story of the original fort of Rocky Mountain House. And it is a pretty cool story (though we like it more because it's corny).

Another reason to come home was my brother Sam's graduation. The ceremony was the usual - some good speeches (including the valedictory address given by his escort - he was runner-up valedictorian by one vote) and one long and horrible one by Jimmy, the not-necessarily-too-bright principal of the school. Apparently our generation is lazy and don't work as hard as our forebearers, so China is going to beat us because they have more engineers. However, we are still destined for great things (and barring that, we can aspire to be great mums and dads). sigh.

So Will and I were totally gonna crash the prom, but then I watched "This is Spinal Tap" instead. Next morning I regretted it, as Sam finally deigned to mention that it was a family event anyway.

Oh yes, did I mention that Will's home? For a brief period, anyway. He is off to Europe on Wednesday. I am green*. Many other relatives are here as well, and they are of the entertaining variety. And Remkes and his father stopped by on Thursday on their way back to Edmonton from Vernon by bicycle.

Spent today drifting down the North Saskatchewan River in an inflatable raft, watching William bob up and down in a tiny little tube (such that his entire midsection was under water and mostly only his farmer's tan and his cowboy hat showed) and occasionally disappear entirely. The soundtrack was the lapping of the waves, the roar of the rapids and the cackling laughter of Lisa and Allison. It was a good time. I remember why I like Rocky in the summer. The river is lovely and there is a persistant smell of clover in the air.

* So is my website, today. Opinions are hereby solicited on the new look, because I'm very so-so on the background and will probably fiddle around with it some more if no one likes it. Pick me out a background colour!

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