Housebound and Lovin' It (2006-11-13 - 12:03 p.m.)

Holy Hannah, is it ever snowing out there. The scene from my window is actually a rather gorgeous winterscape - quite a feat considering my usual view is a parking lot-mudpit in which you could sink a Studebaker, and a vacant lot bordered by dodgy walk-ups. The snow is annoying, but at least it makes everything pretty (for a while, until it turns brown and sludgy). And as it would happen, I have nowhere in particular to be today and nothing in particular to do. I shall stay home and work on Projects.

Actually, the whole weekend has been along those lines. I managed to catch some dread disease and was pretty much house-bound Friday and Saturday. Note that this did not stop me from attending the Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch (and Fats Kaplin) Full Moon Folk Club gig. However, it did keep me away from the homemade perogies they always have on offer at Full Moon shows.

Steph and I (and Stephen, I think) first attended one of their shows a few years ago, and it's still easily one of my top five best-ever shows. Kieran and Kevin are funny and quick and have an amazing energy together - and of course the music is incredible. Wasn't quite so insanely good this time (or perhaps I was too ill to notice) but still great. Fats Kaplin seems to be a good addition - even if we did both think he was a woman at first.

Unfortunately this time we were stuck at the back beside some woman who drank at least eight beers while we were watching - and had plenty of time for more before we got there. She was also reading during the non-music bits, which struck me as a strange combination. She capped off the evening by lunging out in front of Mabel from out of nowhere after the show when we were trying to leave. Yikes! That is pretty much my worst nightmare: running over some drunken hippie by accident on an icy road.

(Note: I did not actually run her down. It wasn't quite THAT icy and the brakes-slamming worked fine).

Winter Waltz is this weekend and I still have not found (or made) a dress. I am aiming for way-over-the-top glitzy, but may have to settle for prim-n-proper fifties-inspired. Either of which would be cool. Anything will be better than the year I wore a duct-tape bra, not realizing that camera flashes reflect, even through fabric...

Also, this is an open invitation to anyone in my vicinity to come out to the Hotel MacDonald for drinks on Friday night in honour of my having survived another year. (Come on, you know you want to hear my yearly panicked "I STILL haven't accomplished anything!" rant! It'll be great!) Malcolm, Ben and I tested out the venue last night, and I have two words: Chocolate Martinis. See you Friday?

Addendum: In the afternoon today Lana came over for tea and we

1). Replaced my toilet seat (shiny and new, not old and disgusting! Best $8 toilet seat Canadian Tire has to offer).

2). Built a desk, the chunks of which had been sitting in my entryway for longer than I care to think about

3). Rearranged the room to fit the new piece of furniture

4). Rummaged through my boxes of stuff from Grandma's house

5). Made cookies

and of course 6). Drank lots of tea.

I am starting to think that the key to getting things accomplished around here is to invite Lana over for more tea.

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